Success will be measured on the following 5 highly arbitrary factors:

1. Waist size: I want a little waist, and I am curious if a different lifestyle will get me one. Maybe hip to waist ratio would be more accurate, but I am doing size because I am not even pretending this one is about anything more than personal vanity.

2. % of house photo ready at 2 pm on a Tuesday: pretty self explanatory.

3. % of self  and toddler photo ready at 2 pm on a Thursday: Because the house and I cannot be ready on the same day. Doesn’t happen.

4. Number of hours a week my family whines or complains: A clean house is supposed to lead to less stress, which in turn leads to less complaining. Meh. We’ll see.

5. Personal yay level (0-10, 0 being “hide under the covers”, 10 being “woot, life is glorious”): A combination of energy, optimism, and interest in life. A life without guilt? Is it possible? Looking forward to my workout because it means I get a shower? It’s possible right? Well, we will see what 6 months brings.

Baseline: (as of APR 16): 35.5, 0%, 5-10%, 18.6, 2-4

04.17-04.23-long road trip planned-34.5, 50%, 2.8, 5-6. This is getting fun!
04. 24-04.29:


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